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Accountability to the communities we serve is central to the way the Glenkens & District Trust operates and we want to make sure people in our local communities feel connected to our work.
There is a range of ways in which you can get involved with us - read on to find out more.

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Independent Trustee Vacancies

GDT's Board of Trustees is accountable to the Trust’s membership. Community Councils (as an entity) form the GDT membership. Each member Community Council nominates a Community Councillor to serve as a Trustee on the Board of GDT and additionally there can be up to five independent Trustees. Currently there are three independent Trustees appointed to the Board. 

GDT is seeking two independent Trustees to complete the establishment of a full Board. No special skills are needed, just love for the area and a commitment to the value of local community action - for more info see

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Sign up to support & stay in the loop

Associate Membership is a way for interested people and bodies to be kept up to date with what Glenkens & District Trust is doing, but without having responsibility for governing the Trust.

Associate Members don’t have voting rights - but will receive regular updates on the work of GDT; invitations to GDT general meetings and hear first about opportunities to engage in events.

Associate members can be individuals, institutions, organisations and bodies who support and want to engage with the work of GDT - you don’t have to be resident in the area. Read more and apply to join here.



Simple ways to stay informed

A low maintenance way to stay involved! You can find us on Facebook at glenkenstrust

GET INVOLVED: Get Involved
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