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The Glenkens & District Community Fund is provided by Blackcraig Wind Farm (Scotland) Limited, Greencoat and the Carsphairn Renewable Energy Fund Ltd, creating an annual fund of about £250,000 for distribution to local community initiatives. The Fund area of benefit is the community council areas of: Carsphairn, Dalry, Balmaclellan, Corsock & KPD, Dunscore, Glencairn, Parton, Crossmichael, Balmaghie and New Galloway & Kells.

The Glenkens & District Trust is the decision making body for the fund, which is run in partnership with Foundation Scotland, an independent fund distributing charity with local presence. Foundation Scotland supports GDT and the windfarm owners with fund administration and grant management.

For any questions relating to funding available you can contact Foundation Scotland direct on

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The purpose of the Fund is to support our communities to be connected, resilient and carbon neutral places, where people will want to live, work and visit, to bring up their families, and to grow old.

The full Fund Strategy can be read here

The latest awards can be viewed on the News page. Click here to see the Blackcraig Wind Farm Community Fund Report to May 2023 produced by Foundation Scotland.


Eligible groups from the area of benefit can apply for grants of between £500 and £25,000 to support a wide range of costs and activities with deadlines in spring and autumn each year. Multi year grants are also available to a maximum of £25,000 per year of support sought for a maximum of three years.

All the up to date application information, Fund Strategy, application form and deadlines can be found on Foundation Scotland's website here.

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The new Glenkens & District Education & Training Fund helps provide financial support to people aged 16+ living in the Trust's area of operation to access education and training opportunities. A wide range of training and study courses can be funded (full or part-time, short courses and year-long awards) along with associated costs such as travel, childcare or equipment. The level of grant will depend on the course you want to do and other funding available.

All the information can be found here on the Foundation Scotland website. Apply at any time.


Community Councils in the Fund area of benefit also receive a small grant direct from the Fund to be used at the discretion of the Community Council for one or more charitable projects.

Some Community Councils spend the grant directly and some operate 'micro grants' schemes making small awards via an application process.

For more information about these small grants, please contact your local Community Council.

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